Good Public Relations is the "art of truthful, creative persuasion."  Understanding is the key to our profession. Our job is about providing messages and ideas on your behalf in a clear and professional manner. You are invited to browse dkpr services using the left menu. Or click any of the links below to find out how dkpr can get you noticed:

Our strategic approach

Our approach is targeted. We take the time to know who you are and how that is relevant in your market place. 

Step 1:  It begins with you
We spend time uncovering the news nugget that will make headlines.  Often we hear prospective clients tell us that they are not sure what news they have on which to base a PR campaign but that they want to increase sales and raise their profile in the market.  After our initial research process, they are always amazed at what we discover hiding just below the surface of their organization that has real PR potential.

Step 2:  Creative Analytical Methods
Our creative techniques include generating research on your organization to discover what “opinions” are being made on your industry in the media.  We probe into many different facets of your business, as our task is first to understand your market, your products or services and then analyze the media available to us including:
•    Traditional Media including broadcast, print and online
•    Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Blog sites etc.

Step 3:  Strategy
Key points
•    We look at how to leverage your brand
•    We probe key editors and producers or media partners to find out what stories they are looking for
•    We create story angles
•    We identify Social Marketing opportunities and implement
•    We map out a course of action that makes sense to your business needs and leverages what we have discovered

Step 4: Execute
•    We then move in to action
•    Develop the story angle
•    Target appropriate media
•    Pitch
•    Follow up
•    and Deliver