The Jetstar Group

Jetstar Group The Jetstar Group is the only engagement marketing company in Canada whose expertise is bringing consumers and brands together through relevant & authentic programs that harness the passion points of today’s generations, and they do this using 7 strategic steps. Their expertise, strong Management Team and Internal Group of Companies gives them a unique edge unmatched by others, and has given clients such as Pepsi, Toys R Us, Toshiba, Trojan, Amp, Levi’s, Disney, Nissan etc. the leading edge in today’s tough markets. Their expertise and industry credibility gives The Jetstar Group the ability to deliver authenticity and relevance - allowing brands to engage their audience, and to elicit the optimal consumer response; Industry Credibility. Jetstar does this using 7 strategic steps: 1. Brand Briefing | Set Goals & Framework 2. Passion Point Mapping | Community Access 3. Think Tank | Hang Sessions, Research, Discovery, Ideation 4. Custom Plan Development | Budget Audit, Support Resources, Integration 5. Activate & Execute | Connect, Capture, Convert 6. Reporting & Tracking | Progress, Performance 7. Post & Next | Key Earnings, Assets

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