dkpr is able to help you establish your brand through careful placement with the right key influencers.

With our media and network connections, we help you establish an identity effectively... and help make sure your reputation is the one you want to have!

We help create your brand through establishing your narrative, getting your message out, and providing access and media visibility.

dkpr's alliance with Logograph inc. allows us to leverage your creative across media, or to create a whole new brand for your event or promotion.

Well executed PR re-enforces your message visually and strengthens your brand with every piece.

Every event should look like a million bucks.

dkpr and our design partners can:

  •     create an more powerful message through text and visuals
  •     extend a single piece of creative (i.e. your logo) into an entire "look for a campaign"
  •     leverage your brand consistently across all media
  •     develop custom online pages, and flash, in your colors and visual identity
  •     Create professionally branded templates
  •     Develop micro-sites for a launch, or re-develop your own website to reflect your new identity

EnTechneVision is a leading boutique creative and development agency that has won advertising awards internationally, including Best Outdoor / Transit Advertising and Best PR Event from RE/MAX of Western Canada, and Best Website from RE/MAX International.